Job Title: Clinical Dietitian

Employer/Location: Reid Health/Richmond, IN


• Provides consultation to physicians and other staff members.
• Reviews medical chart to assess needs and determine a patient’s nutritional plan of care.
• Interview patients and/or caretakers to obtain information regarding food habits. Identifies barriers to learning such as cognitive limitations and language barriers.
• Obtains pertinent patient data necessary to recommend, prescribe, or modify therapeutic diets as needed to meet the nutritional needs of the patients.
• Performs nutritional assessments to determine nutrition diagnosis and intervention utilizing the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) and Nutrition Focused Physical Exam. Monitors and evaluates outcomes and adjusts intervention if warranted.
• Provides medical nutrition therapy utilizing age-appropriate techniques, accurately calculating calorie, protein, and fluid needs.
• Makes appropriate recommendations in the management of enteral/parenteral nutrition and follows hospital protocols in place for critical care nutrition.
• Coordinates need for patient nutritional supplements using NCP and physician-approved facility protocols.
• Collaborates with other hospital services to plan and implement patient care and nutritional education.
• Instructs patients on proper use of diet at home as ordered by the physician.
• Assists with community and outpatient programs as needed.


• Bachelors or advanced degree from accredited institution with majors in food, nutrition, or food service administration.
• Must be a registered dietitian in accordance with CDR or be dietitian registry eligible.
• If dietitian registry eligible, the employee must obtain their RD credential within their introductory period.
• Successful experience in hospital dietetics preferred.

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