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Room Service

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According to the 2016 AHF healthcare census, 48% of hospitals offer on-demand room service for patients.

What is Room Service?

  • Customer order what they want, when they want it from a customized restaurant-style menu.
  • Similar to room service in a hotel.

Why Room Service?

  • It generates the highest customer satisfaction scores.
  • Customers eat much better.
  • It costs less than other methods of “in room” dining.
  • It is the most “green” method of “in room” dining.
  • It gives your facility a competitive advantage.

Where do you Begin?

  • Engage DM&A to do a room service feasibility study.
  • The feasibility study provides:
    • Return on investment
    • Financial investment
    • Equipment specifications
    • Staffing requirements
    • Customized room service design
  • If approved, DM&A helps you develop and implement your room service program.

Room Service Cost Savings

Hospitals typically save $100K to $125K annually in food and supply expenses per 100 census. Exact savings are calculated and substantiated during the room service assessment, feasibility study, plan, and budgetary estimate.

Why DM&A?

  • DM&A has the team, expertise, systems, and resources to facilitate a smooth transition to Room Service.
  • Generally, you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself.
  • Implementing room service is very complex. It is like opening a new restaurant. Why try to reinvent the wheel when DM&A already has the expertise and tools needed?
  • DM&A can help prove to administration that most of the time room service pays for itself even after all start-up expenses.
The transition from Food Service Tray Line to Room Service has changed not only the way we operate but it has changed the culture of my department…DM&A Coaches were with me from building the foundation of the new service to teaching the logistics, creating the menu, the implementation of policies and procedures, to the training plan and the execution of training on go live week. You and your group know this work and handle this in a way to make sure that all the pieces fit together seamlessly…I cannot thank you all enough for all you have done…DM&A has their hand on the pulse of support services. You are making a difference!
Jason Terry - FSD, South Central Regional Medical Center
Kirby Medical Center has had the pleasure of working with DM&A…in planning and developing the Food & Nutrition Service department. Our personal experience with DM&A has been beyond satisfactory…it has been exceptional. In every single instance, their counsel was excellent, their staff professional, and their attention to detail amazing…It is without reservation that I recommend the comprehensive services of DM&A!
Sara Wade - FSD, Kirby Medical Center